A Princess…


I’ll tell you a story of a princess. She was locked up in a tower of a castle. She was the only one inside, neither the witch or any of its guards were inside. She waited everyday for a prince to come to her rescue. But the more she anticipated for the prince’s awaited arrival, he didn’t come..
She was heart-broken, hopeless, and sad. Unexpectedly, after a very long wait, the knight in shining armor arrived. He stood boldly outside the doors of the castle, with one thing in mind to rescue his princess. When he was approaching near the door, he suddenly realized there was no doorknob to let him in the castle. Seeing this dilemma, he gave up and went on his way, for how can he rescue the princess when there was no way in. The princess witnessing this grew more sad until such a time she almost felt weakened being locked up alone in that castle. One day, the princess was just staring out in the only window of the castle, wondering if she’ll ever be freed. Then she saw a man walking towards the castle. The man was nothing special, He was old and time has weathered his fragile-looking body. Despite his appearance, there was softness and strength eminent in his physique. The only thing He carried on his back was a sack. The princess immediately called out to the man. “Please help me! Get me out of here, I want to be free!” the princess cried. The man ran towards the door just to find out also the door didn’t have a doorknob. The man shouted, “I can’t enter! There’s no doorknob to open the door!”. When the princess heard this, that’s when she came to her senses, she realized the doorknob of the door was inside the castle, not outside. She went down the stairs and opened the door, the man was standing outside..”I hoped you realized it now. You’re the one who locked yourself inside that castle, you were the one who can open that door and be free. I knew that. That’s the reason I came here, to make you see the true reality. Here I have something for you consider these as a gift from me to you.” The man opened up His sack and He brought out a gemstone shaped like a heart. “You finally opened up the door, that’s why you are now free.” With that final word, the man continued His journey. The princess was now free, but she wouldn’t be if the man didn’t come to open her eyes.


I was that princess.. The story was about opening up your heart. Trusting even though knowing all the risk. She thought that somebody will be the one to free her from her own fears or her own doubts.. But the man made her see, she was the one to make that decision to open up herself to love, to people..Not vice-versa..She thought a knight in shining armor will set her free from her own uncertainties in life..It’s our choice if we want to be happy or sad, free or not, closed or opened..The gift that the man gave made her see that there is more to life. The man in the story is God because of Him, I saw that I was the one who was allowing my fears, doubts, uncertainties, sorrow to trap me and disclose me from this world. But God’s love proved that He can open you up and free you from all the bad things in our hearts and mind..


2 thoughts on “A Princess…

  1. I like your story. It’s kinda funny but it’s true. Thank you for making me smile with your blog. I love every thing you write here because everything comes from your heart. πŸ™‚ “Continuez votre bon travail. Tu me manques.”

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