Long time, no write…

If my blog was like a house, it would really look old, uninhabited, and spider webs would be found in every corner of its room. Well, this is the closest comparison I could ever come up with. My blog has been untouched for weeks. It almost felt like a decade had passed before I decided to put up a post again.

For this past few weeks, my mind has gone blank. Literally blank. I had many wonderful events to write about, I experienced a handful of good memories that it really excites me to post everything here on my blog. But somehow, the minute I touch the keyboard of my computer, everything I wanted to type just seems to fade into oblivion. It seems like every word I know, suddenly exits out of my ear. Now having this situation on my hands, I can’t come up with anything to write. Talk about having a writer’s block. Now the most logical explanation I can think about my dilemma is maybe my ‘inspiration juice’ had ran out.

Now let’s get to something important for me to write about, and for your sake, to read something with somehow a little sense enclosed with it.

How would I describe my life right at this very moment?

A roller coaster ride.

But the only difference is, I am experiencing more downs than with ups.
I’m not being pessimistic, but it’s how the way life is for me right now.

It doesn’t mean I’m out of luck, and for your information I don’t believe in luck at all. I just believe in God’s blessings. How should I say this? Everything around me is fine still, but what I feel is what I’m really concerned about. My emotion is at its lowest point. I can’t keep up with my mood swings. It feels like I’m in a boat in the middle of the sea with a storm coming up ahead. All the waves crashing on me, tossing the boat in all directions. That is what my emotions are doing to me, they are the waves in a storm. I’m not depressed at all. I’m just confused.

Having a life of mere routines everyday. Being busy juggling responsibilities thrown at me without having the satisfaction of accomplishing anything. I hope I could get out of this position real quick. I really don’t want to be here, who would?

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