Eyes wide open

After 11 months of being asleep, I’m finally awake.

My eyes are finally fully opened.

They are not shut close anymore.

One advantage of being awake:

You’re aware of everything. Aware of the reality life has to offer.
Reality bites. It’s true. That’s the only reason it’s difficult for me to face it.

A few months back. I have been in a state of deep slumber. Very deep slumber. I could not wake myself up.

I only believed what my mind told me to believe. I was dreaming. I believed lies, petty lies. At least in that moment I clung to a vague hope of something wonderful. Truth was never elusive. It was clearly marking its presence. Clear as the water in the sea. I was forcing truth to be the lie and the lie to be the truth.

Still the truth will prevail. Although it hurts, I’m glad it happened. I’m finally alive and awake. I am still breathing. Everything is perfectly fine, except for my heart.

All I know is my Healer will come to the rescue. He will hold my heart in the palm of His Hands and bring restoration.

I am broken now, but He will make me whole. A miracle will happen. I believe it with all of my heart.

Pain is just temporary. But the gift of restoration my Healer will bring is forever.


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