God to the rescue.

I fell. Into a ravine of misery.

Darkness consumed the place. Light was unwelcome.
Sadness crept inside me slowly, and eat of the life that remains.
Weak. I was growing weak day by day. Every bit of my strength was drained.
Suffocated, I can’t hardly breathe. When I thought it would be the end of me.

He came to my rescue.

I heard a sound, a mighty sound. Incredibly, a faint glow of light can be seen out of the corner of my eye. The little glow made its way into the ravine, it forced itself inside until it became a beam of bright light. I saw a man. My eyes could not look at Him directly. He was the most glorious person a human eye can behold. I have to close my eyes because I might turn blind. He was reaching out His Hand, I can feel it. He was there reaching out for me. And with a gentle voice, He comfortingly whispered, “I came here to your rescue.” With that words, strength began building up in my body. Joy encompassed in my whole being. Hope opened my eyes and my ears. Life was completely restored. With boldness, I reached out for the Man’s hand. I trusted Him, He can do all things. He carried me out of the forsaken ravine. Feelings of gratitude overtook me. I could not contain the redemption I had experienced. The moment my foot touched the ground, I began rejoicing. I was full of bliss. This was the miracle I’ve been waiting for.

When I turned to face Him, He touched my heart and my soul. With His final Words, He disappeared. But I know He was not gone. He was still there just unseen, but felt.

Want to know what His final words were.

“You are healed through my love, and what my Son did on the cross.”

Up to this day, His words still lingered in my ears. For I know, He found a special place inside my heart. I would never forget that moment when He came to my rescue.

His Love will forever remain the reason of my salvation and redemption.


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