Who I Am

Intro: This is the first literary piece I’ve really put my heart into writing. I edited some parts of it.

I am human. I am filled with dreams and hopes, joys and sorrows. I am made in a being that sees, hears, and feels. The depth of my mind is imperceptible by simple-minded ones; even I don’t have a clue to what it can contain. I dream of dreams that none can believe. I speak of things, which some, remain a mystery to me. I am complex. The mystery of my being will always remain a puzzle. The name I have been called is the only thing relevant to what I call “self”. I am blind because of my arrogance. I am deaf because of my pride.. I can’t merely communicate the things I need to say. If I could, I would shout at every corner of the world; every people I see, I would tell the wonders and vision in my heart. But somehow that nagging fear is always present to hold me back. Now, I’m left here, also mute to speak what I am feeling which only the recesses of my inner being can hear. The strange echo in my mind to my ears only is it audible. The peculiar beating of my heart, only I, can feel it. I am caged by a past full of loneliness and bitterness. Every burdened shame and shed tear, it haunts me back. Every secret inside me has entrapped me with its unbearable fangs. Always sitting in that dark corner, waiting and hoping that someone would understand. With who I am, I am judged. I have always been mistaken for someone who will care less. It’s not of me being selfish, I’m just scared to understand even myself. People will only see what they want to see. The facts about me instilled in their minds are the only things they will believe to be me. But it will never be close enough to the truth of who I really am. I have always begged upon liberty to give freedom to my “being”, for all this time, it was imprisoned of its captors named “fear” and “turmoil”. Everything about me becomes irrational, because I am only equipped with a logical mind, but is there a necessity for all issues in life to be explicated. I’m putting the puzzle pieces together, but some things just don’t fit quite perfectly. For some strange reasons, I have been enlightened by hope to know my “self”. It has blessed me with determination to find out the real me in the presence of my Emancipator. Today, I vow not to be a coward who gives up on anything. I have been stricken with a desire to be strong and be bold to discover the wonder of my true identity and the sole purpose of my existence. I am not what I think of me. I am not what others think of me. I am the person whom my Savior has redeemed with His life. I am whom God sees in me.

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