Dreaming Artist

I can’t hardly contain the excitement I feel. Arts has been a part of my life since the day I was born. But, it’s painting, sketching, drawing, and photography that draws my attention. I somehow find these forms of art intricately capture my personality. There’s more to it than meets the eye. I didn’t enroll this trimester in college. It’s a long story so there’s no need in specifying the details of what had happened. Rather than doing nothing until the next enrollment, my mother advised me to apply for art classes and workshops so I can still use my free time being productive. But I think she’s trying to avoid the inevitable increase of clutter if I were to stay at home everyday. Just kidding. =) I searched for galleries/art schools/art workshops on the internet. (Have you ever wondered how fascinating the Internet is. Information is always one click away ;P). After rummaging site after site. I finally found Art Informal. It’s a non-formal school established by contemporary Filipino artists that provides workshops in painting, drawing, sculpture, etc. Even though I’m a fine arts student in college, I’ve never really had formal training in painting and drawing. What really got me into arts is I enjoy the feeling in creating a picture of something or someone. That’s why I’m so thrilled to take the workshops in Art Informal. Engaging in this training would surely enhance and boost up my raw and unrefined talent in arts. Anything that would make me excel in my talent, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to grab it. I’m strangely hyped with the idea just being in an artist’s studio, in front of a blank white canvass while holding a paintbrush. Meditation and being in quiet solitude are my thing. Being an artist fits me to a tee. I sound so weird and awkward right now, but it’s fine by me as long as arts is the topic. =) I still think everything’s unreal. I can’t believe I’m finally taking a step towards my dreams. I hope I could start soon. ü

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