“Who doesn’t love shopping?”

I’ve always been in love with clothes. Fashion is something I find fascinating. We have a lot of great and famous designers in our time, and there are more of them waiting in line for their turn at fame. In this generation, clothes are more of a statement of who we are rather than just a piece of sewn cloth we put on our bodies. Sometimes, just by our clothing, we can label an individual. For example, goths, emo, etc. When I was a kid, I’ve always dreamed of having a gigantic room filled with fabulous clothes. And up until now, it’s still a dream. =) Just last year, I think my addiction with clothes has been somewhat more intense. I recalled the first three weeks school started, I didn’t spend my allowance for food, I actually saved it all up just to spend it away for three brand new pieces of clothing. I could bear the hunger just for clothes. I remembered my mom calling me an “addict” when I bought a new dress at the start of this year. I can’t hold myself back from buying. I know it’s bad. That’s why one of my new year resolutions are maintaining self-control in the midst of great clothing stores.

I was watching Wer u at? on MYX, the No.1 music channel in the Philippines, a month ago. I love the stores they feature in every episode. One time, they promoted this clothing store named, Uber Finds”. It was love at first sight. =D I was staring at the tv screen with my mouth wide open. I can’t believe that everything they had in their store was my taste in fashion. I do love shopping, but I also love purchasing beautiful clothes at an affordable price range. This store was it. Great clothes at affordable prices. Maybe you should check them out, if you don’t believe me. Here’s a link to their multiply site. Click on it. =)


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