Taking on a new direction ü

Sigh.Well, I’ve told my mom about the classes at Art Informal. Sadly, she didn’t agree with my idea of enrolling there. She knew of another place which is in a closer location to our residence. I’ll just comply with her decision, no arguments needed. Maybe, it’s for the best. Who knows, it might be better if I took my classes in a different place. I place it all in God’s hands. Since everything happens for a reason. I’m excited still because there is so much more in store for me this year. What I perceive to be something bad or against what I hoped will surely bring me something better. This year, I’ll firmly hold on to God’s steadfast love. He would never fail me, and that’s a fact I’m 100% sure of.

Endless pleasant surprises for 2009!

You make all things new.


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