Overthinking is a problem, but being judgemental is a problem too…So what’s the relevance?

Being unenrolled has its advantages and disadvantages. Well, I don’t have to break down the former part. Let’s just talk about its disadvantages. Have you noticed how time quickly flies by when you’re indulge in productive activities in life? But it’s evidently different when you are doing absolutely nothing. It seems like waiting for an hour to pass takes forever. Having my hands emptied with responsibilities for the meantime, I tend to overthink simple things. When our mind is idle, it is inevitable for our thoughts to wander sometimes. The moment we overthink and let our thoughts roam further into “Daydreamland”, we sometimes lose grasp of reality for a short period. With nothing to do, I’m struggling so hard with this problem. And I willingly admit it. The more I spend my time being ‘imprisoned’ at home, I think my sanity slowly slips away. Or maybe, I’m just overthinking everything up until this moment. I wonder if there are individuals who are going through or have gone through with this dilemma. I have to fight this, so I opened this matter here on my blog. Who knows? This might help others struggling with the same situation. Blogging has somewhat been a useful therapy. I mean you can’t share all of this problems to your family or friends without being judged. I’d rather take up the judgements of strangers than of my loved ones.


4 thoughts on “Overthinking is a problem, but being judgemental is a problem too…So what’s the relevance?

  1. hey man i totally share that feeling, im totally unproductive and it feels like shit. it reminds me of two good quotes.
    -it is no rest to be idle. and that other one thats like the idle mind is the devils playground.

    • the 2nd quote was my motivation in doing productive stuff…as much as possible i could avoid this kind of dilemma again..=) and tnx at least i know im not the only one..=)

  2. I have the same problem, and like I totally have lost reality
    even my vision is turning up like my fantasy
    but hey, we over-thinkers have the best ideas (:

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