American Idol Season 8 Favorites


Now that the top 36 finalists have been revealed, the real competition for the next American Idol starts. I’ve watched the start of  Season 8 since the first day of auditions. I’m excited to discover new faces in this competition so I never missed one episode of it. There were many promising hopefuls who have really done a great job in blowing us off our seats with their amazing voices. This season started off with lots of unexpected surprises and new-found talented newbies. I believe in this stage,  every viewer has already someone they’re eyeing or placing their bets on. There were many early favorites who breezed through all the rounds, and one of them is Danny Gokey.


A 28-year-old widower we’ve seen in the Kansas audition. His singing ability was quickly recognized by the judges, even Simon was definitely impressed by him. In this type of competition, it’s not just how you impact the audience and the judges with your talent, but it’s crucial to have a story to tell that they will remember you by. We’ve all heard of the tragic death of his wife just months before the auditions. While I was watching that particular episode, his story really touched my heart. I admire him for being strong despite losing the love of his life. It was the sincerity in his character that made him stand-out from the other finalists. I’ve recently watched his first performance as one of the Top 36, he sang Mariah Carey’s “Hero”. It was amazing, he was even commented as the best performance of the night. But I agree with Simon’s criticism, he could definitely do more with his voice. In my opinion, he should choose songs where he could showcase more his good vocal quality and range. He is surely one Idol finalist, you should be keeping your eyes on.

Watch this video of Danny Gokey. Courtesy of  American

Moving on to Adam Lambert.


Besides his good looks and acting skills, the 26-year-old Adam Lambert, from the San Francisco auditions, unquestionably has more to offer. For some unexplainable reasons, I just like him. Maybe because he’s quite good-looking being the reason I have a close watch on him. He’s interesting enough and with all the rumors circling around of him being gay, my curiosity sure is boiling. I’d definitely keep my eyes open.

More lowdown on the Season 8 Finalists, visit the Official website of American Idol.


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