The Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar – RX 93.1


*Dedicated to Chico and Del and the forever faithful Rushers.

To be honest, I’m not an avid radio listener. But by the time I came to hear the Morning Rush, I experienced a turn-around in the way I look at radio shows. Don’t you just love after waking up in the morning and being done with your morning preparations to finally have the chance to turn on your radio and hear the voice of sweet Del and the ever-so-charming Chico. I know that every Rusher’s morning would not be complete without having tuned in to the Morning Rush. It’s like not having coffee for caffeine addicts or going to work without taking a shower. =) We all know that the Morning Rush is truly one show that became a part of our everyday lives. Reminiscing back to those embarrassing times when we laughed uncontrollably and then people started looking at us because we are alone in a public place. How we would always remember those days. One of my most unforgettable topics in the Top Ten would be the “how would you know if your house is haunted” or something like that. I could recall Del’s story of having heard coin dropping on the bathroom floor. That topic sure worked up my imagination. And how could we forget Chico’s impression of the dogs from Hell, we all smiled stupidly at the thought of what he would look like doing those barking sounds. Morning Rush showcases good music, interaction with listeners, pure fun, and more.

To Chico and Del: You are the best radio jocks ever. You deserve the awards you won. I pray for all the best in your careers. =)


To Fellow Rushers: You’ve been a part in making this radio station No.1. Cheers to us! =)

God bless to you all! More success to the Morning Rush and RX 93.1!


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