Dedicated to a great father, Roberto B. Micaller.

Growing up, life has not been easy for you. Hardships and trials came like storms that would never end. Your childhood wasn’t as carefree as you hoped it would be. But you saw through all the pain and sorrow that there is a God who would rescue you and give ease and comfort to your aching body and heart. You fought hard. You were a brave soldier in the midst of war. Whenever you stumbled, you easily stood up, knowing that He is fighting your battles for you. Giving up is not an option for you. You just press on and step forward, believing that He is ahead of you.

It is not for what you’ve done or what you’ve sacrificed that makes us, your children, proud of having a father like you. It’s who you are and the way you care for us and other people that makes you worthy to be looked up. Your greatest deeds didn’t make you a good example, but it’s your humble spirit that made you into an inspiration, not only to your family, but also to the ones your life has impacted. If ever you felt you’re not doing a great job in being a father, don’t be sad, for you already had been a great father the moment I came into this world.

You are truly a precious gift from above. And I would never ask God for an exchange or return, for no other fathers in this world can compare to a unique father like you.





We pray for whatever your heart’s desire be fulfilled by our God this year. ü

Written by: Sam

From Your Loving Family,

Cy, Sam, Jan, Camille, and Aki…

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