An Unforgettable Ride in a Life-changing Summer Experience

Church Camp ’09, a dance workshop, and then an overnight for our youth fellowship at church, what’s lined up next for me this summer?

Okay, though it may seem like I got a full-packed schedule this summer and don’t have a lot of time in my hands, honestly speaking, I’ve never been more aware of how much time I have, enough to do all this activities and more. Updating this blog has been a tiny bit problem for me since I’m rarely in the mood to write and there are no present motivations (ehem…readers…I need more of them). Maybe if I only had followers here on WordPress, I would forever be grateful to people and would be updating everyday. Let’s put it simply in one phrase, “More Readers, More Writing and Updating.” How would I be motivated to post if there isn’t anybody interested enough to read what I write? If I sound so desperate right now, I am. Just kidding. Okay maybe it was partly true. Next topic.

Our recent church camp was definitely one-of-its kind. Since our church held camps annually, this one is just plain a “Different Experience from the Former”. I’m glad most of the congregation was able to attend this ultimately distinct camp. This year, it was entitled “No Limits”. I’m not here to share my entire and amazing experience there, but just a bit of what I had taken in during that significant moment of my life. There’s one afternoon activity held during the last day which has given me much insight and a personal revelation from God. It was a team-building game where there’s a rope fence hanging in mid-air with a hole in the middle, and each participants of the group must come up with a strategy to get every person to the other side without touching the sides of the hole. Jumping through the hole is a violation. In short, you need others to carry you and push you to the other end. We’ve done this again in our youth fellowship recently.  Here’s a picture if you don’t get what I’m saying.


( that’s my younger sister 🙂 )


*Sorry for the blurry pics, I’m too lazy to change the size.

What did I exactly learn from this activity? It has a relevance with our dreams in life. Let’s say the other side of the rope fence is the moment our dreams reached its fulfillment, and the rope fence are the goals you have put up in reaching your personal dream. From seeing the pictures, getting to the other side is an arduous task for a single person to do, there’s a bigger probability you wouldn’t be able to get to the other side without touching the boundaries of the hole. If touching the boundaries of the hole is an example of failure, then doing everything alone to reach our dreams would mean we are more prone in experiencing failures, and perhaps a bigger possibility we are not going to reach it. Since the activity required other people to get you to the other side, a difficult job considered by one person can be easily done. It teaches us one thing, we also need others, not just ourselves in making our dreams reality. I’ll give you the 3 Keys for the fulfillment of your dreams:

1.) Believe in yourself. – God did not deprive you of any talents or abilities to get you to the fulfillment of your dreams. Plus, it doesn’t hurt if you believe in yourself and the great things that you are capable of doing. Though it may be hard for some, just remember you are you, made into a unique being unlike others. The famous and great people also started as an unknown, but seeing they can do more with what they have, they made their dreams not just fantasy but reality. More importantly, everything that we have and do can take us farther in life if we know how to dedicate them to the Giver of talents and gifts, and that is God.

2.) Trust others. – Trusting others is essential. Some people may say, “I can do everything alone. I don’t need others to help me.” Then they are entirely wrong. Doing everything by themselves can only take them far, but not that far when you have others. Then who are this other people that could help me? They’re your family, your closest friends, and at one point in time, God will allow other people to connect with you to help you achieve step-by-step all your goals towards your dream.

3.) Believe in God. – Believing and trusting God is the first and crucial step to the fulfillment of our dreams. He is able to fulfill all the things that you are incapable of doing. We also have our limitations, but with God there are no limits. Just remember this, as it is said in the Bible,

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

Hope you have been inspired to dream again. It’s never too late for your dreams to be fulfilled. Just know that a mighty God is just waiting for you to surrender to Him, and He will bring you to a place of abundance and prosperity. God bless! 🙂

2 thoughts on “An Unforgettable Ride in a Life-changing Summer Experience

  1. “How would I be motivated to post if there isn’t anybody interested enough to read what I write?”

    – somewhere, somehow, people will drop by and visit your blog.

    keep on posting, keep on writing. you’ll never know- the next soul who needs encouragement might be your next reader.

    -kuya joy agustin

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