Donate Through Watching Youtube Videos

When diligence kicks in, I post on my blog. ;D Since this is my first post for July, I want to make it special. How would I be able to make it special? By helping out, or somewhat free promotion for others. 🙂

For the past months, since my class schedule this trimester is very vacant (lots of free time), I’ve been watching a lot of videos on “Youtube”. There sure is a handful of videos to watch on youtube, whether it be comedy, a music video, vlogs, or dance videos, there’s still a lot of choices to pick from. But one channel stood out for me the most, it’s JUMBAFUND. Jumbafund was created by one of the popular Youtube stars, Kevjumba. (Click on kevjumba to redirect you to his channel) Since his videos gained much popularity and viewers, he decided to make a separate channel and named it,  Jumbafund. But why promote this channel? Here’s a description of Jumbafund:


“How this idea started: The idea started when I wanted to create a separate channel to KevJumba, where I could take my camera around and post casual videos, something you don’t really see on my other channel. Since I’m a Youtube partner, I can create multiple channels and earn revenue on this site based on the number of views and subscribers I get. Rather than making a second channel to profit from, I decided I wanted to have this channel made strictly for charity.

When I thought of it, I knew it had to be done. What this means is, anyone who watches the videos on this new channel are helping the cause by donating to charity. At the end of each month, there will be a monthly report detailing how much the viewers helped earn. The charity that I donate to can be different each month. People can nominate and vote for their favorite charity, and the one with the most votes will be given all the profits and exposure.”

– Kevjumba

Introduction to Jumbafund

You see why I chose to promote this channel, he made use of his popularity by helping and donating to charities. He made watching videos on Youtube enjoyable for a cause. So let’s start helping out to charities, subscribe now to Jumbafund. (Click on jumbafund to redirect you to the channel)

God bless you all! 😀


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