Nostalgia + College Pressures + Life = Confusion?, Not Really…


I bet you’re wondering what the title meant? 🙂 I’ve logged on to my Facebook account a few minutes ago,  and I’ve been browsing through some of my former classmate’s recently uploaded photo album. After a few minutes passed, looking at those familiar beaming faces I used to see in class everyday, I suddenly felt sad. It’s true, you’ll never know what you have when it’s gone. A bit cliche, uhm, yeah, but it’s undeniably a 100%  solid truth. Now, nostalgia sets in. Oh, how I’d wish I could go back in that time. Last year was my first year in college. Finally, it meant a new beginning for me after being home-schooled for almost 3 years. It was a fresh start; new faces means new friends, new environment means another culture  shock I have to deal with, and brand new experiences that someday would all be part of just a memory in the past. Everything has gone well.  I made good and true friends, I had stocked a pile of good memories in my heart, there’s really nothing I could complain about, but after the second trimester ended, I made the same mistake again I did 3 years ago. I did not go to school, and officially decided to not enroll in the last trimester. My decision resulted as a waste of my time, my efforts, and my parents’ resources. The gravity of the consequences of one dreadful choice did not fully manifest itself until the start of  this trimester. I thought time and money was all that I had lost, but it didn’t struck me until I found out recently, I also lost my friends; the people I valued the most were gone. Well, they’re not really gone, I still see them once in a while, I say “Hi!”, and I would get the same responses all over again like a broken record, “Oh? Hello!, We miss you!, It’s sad that we’re no going to be in the same class anymore.” Then they’re off, leaving you hanging there by yourself in the school corridors. Don’t misjudge them, they’re not bad people, nor fake friends, with all those time I also left them hanging, not replying to their text messages of concern, I was responsible for cutting my connection  with them. No wonder, that’s how our friendship came to be.  Forgive me if everything I’ve typed are far too depressing for you to read, but I feel the urge to let go and type what I’m going through because I know there is someone out there in the world, even if that is just one person, would be able to read this and understand what I’m going through.

I have learned if you continue to live in your past, whether it be in a painful memory or a blissful one, you could never fully appreciate the present and the beauty it beholds, leaving you to ignore and neglect the pleasant surprises in store for you.


Yes, after dealing with the former dilemma, I still cannot escape my alter-ego, “The Student”. Sounds like a superhero, doesn’t it? You might be surprised on how an average person is capable of having too many alter-egos, it’s definitely not exclusive just for superheroes on comic books. Prelims are so out-of-date, now for the latest news, midterms are next in line. I would try to make this pressure as much more enjoyable than it actually is.

Keep in mind that all pressures can be handled well, if you can maintain a good attitude all the time. Then you’ll see, everything will just breeze through like it was nothing.


Life can never be too unbearable for us. There has never been a demand for you to carry the weight on your shoulder. There’s Someone up there who’s willing to carry your loads and worries, so that you’ll be able to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. The past may not always be a pleasant memory, we hope it would be; it may be filled with sadness, pain, and heartaches. One truth is far more greater than any advice to a happy life: If you fully surrender your life to God, you’ll be amazed with the wondrous things He can do in it.

Switchfoot – More Than Fine

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