Arteest Ka Ba? (Are You An Artist?)

Technology sure comes in handy nowadays, especially for promotional and advertising purposes or simply for popularity gain. Now, let’s talk about my latest post. If you have read my other posts you should already know by now, I’m an art enthusiast. Since we’re discussing art, let’s have a mash up of fashion, designing, self-expression, and creativity in one post.

Artwork is one of the leading t-shirt brands in the Philippines dedicated to the young and passionate; a brand that never tires out of pushing the limits of t-shirt fashion and art. With its myriad of influences—art, music, and pop culture—it strives to become a channel where the Filipino youth can find meaningful truth by means of design and concept development, guaranteeing the best quality and interactive service one can find.
Starting out as a t-shirt manufacturer specializing in silk-screen printing, Artwork has slowly evolved into a t-shirt retail brand. Eighteen years passed and it now has a complete clothing line for teenagers, what’s more, it now offers the widest variety of graphic tees— the ultimate t-shirt experience.
Gaining a deep-seated trust among its loyal guests, Artwork is in continual pursuit of the freshest ideas by rethinking and appropriating concepts, birthing out the newest.

-Courtesy of Artwork, Inc.

Artwork, Inc. held its 3rd Annual Artwork T-shirt Design Competition. The most ingenious, most creative, and most radical designs had been selected, and finally the time has come for voting! It is up to us to pick the best from the bests, the one which stood among the rest. I believe it’s time for us to support our own creative Filipino artists. Let’s be proud of “Gawang Pinoy” products. Voting ends on November 30, 2009, better hurry! In order to vote, click on this link,

For more details on the competition and Artwork, Inc.: Visit their site. (Click on the link above)

Also, catch them on Facebook: Artwork (Click)


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