An “Insomniac’s” Blabbery

As the fresh morning air filled the bedroom I share with my three other siblings, I can’t help but just contemplate and think what will be and may come in the days ahead. Sleep yet just failed to arrive once again, and now I find myself alone which gives me a very enticing opportunity to freely think without the walls of distraction. Since I have all the time in the world, indulging myself in the luxury of solitude wouldn’t be a problem at all. Reality can be sometimes obscure so I often find myself prancing in pleasure towards the world where my thoughts lay, waiting for me to find them. But soon before I reached my destination, I came back to reality where a tiring feeling overcame me, quickly subduing me with all its might. It’s a sign I have to stop typing my useless thoughts on just another blog website. Today’s Friday, the end of the week. It’s already 6:45 am, time for me to get some sleep. ZZZzzzz…

Now here’s some comics on Insomnia…Enjoy 🙂


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