Rainy Blues

Bom Noite! Felt like doing a Portuguese greeting for a change. 🙂

First and foremost, how are you? Seems like forever since the last time we’ve talked…

Me? I’m fine. I have been adjusting well in the college I transferred since June. Pressures starting to kick in this week just as the rain decided pouring uncontrollably this time. Yet, with the gloomy feel accompanying the rain, the sentimental and introspective moods that it sends to the soul subtly refreshes.

Haven’t we all felt busy at one point like we’re always multi-tasking to finish one task after another? But at the end of all the frustration and stress, we still feel unsatisfied and ironically unfinished. As if there’s still something you need to do. If you totally and completely agree with my point, without any arguments, I just want to say welcome aboard. Don’t be confused with what you’re going through, it’s a usual phenomena in a person’s life. Majority of the human race is regularly suffering from this sickness and can be unaware of it or just passive and nonchalant about it. But if you really want change, you must get tired. Because after you become tired, that’s the time you change your course of action. When a person gets tired of running, they start to slow down and walk. Most of the time, we run and this is the reason why we always end up in the wrong place. When all we had to do was walk to get to the right destination. Then, how do I get there where I want to be? How will I feel fulfilled?

Have the right PRIORITIES. People have that tendency to believe when they do more, they gain more out of life. The truth of the matter is it’s not really the quantity of work that is most important, but the quality. If your quantity of work lessens, you’ll be able to acquire more time for quality work. I’ll ask you a question, if you only got a month left to live, what would you do? I won’t have to dictate to you your answer, it is a personal question after all. If you already have the answer to that question then I’d like to tell you that would be the things you should prioritize in this life. Secondly, you need to have FOCUS. It is the key and always has been the key. Focus, in terms of, what are the things we really need to do so we don’t have to take the longer route. Lastly, always, and I mean ALWAYS, remember that God made life to be simple and enjoyable. We’re the ones who try to complicate it.

I’m glad I was able to write here again just to freshen up my writing skills. I’m taking up journalism after all. As I say my farewell, I hope somehow this post has helped you give thought to the important aspects of life and I pray that it has also enlightened you with the things that truly matter most. You may ask me what I value most – I’ll simply answer (in order) God, family, then friends, and everything after them becomes least of my priorities. 🙂  God bless you!

P.S. (On photography)

Basic photography class is included in my curriculum, and I’m currently taking it up this semester. What would you advise me to get as a camera, more specifically an SLR/DSLR? The camera should be easy to handle and operate. I don’t it to be too complicated for a beginner, but I also want it to produce quality photos just like the pros. My photographer friend advised me to get a Nikon D90, and I’ve got a first-hand test-drive of one. It was good, but can you give any other options before I buy one. I want to be able to choose and not just stick with one choice. Thanks again for your help! 🙂


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