A piece of thought from me to you…

You should, most of the time, expect that looks and character don’t go together in this world.

Not saying that generally all of them are bad, but some of the good-looking people I know have a not-so-good-looking character.

Superficial beauty is always of uttermost importance and one’s character is always of least importance. For a change, why don’t we try to put a lot of effort and time doing an extreme make-over of our character before we upgrade our outside looks.

The truth of it all is (believe it or not), everything on the inside is what truly matters in life. Your looks are temporary, it will inevitably fade away in time. A noble character and good attitude will not wither as time passes but it will bear more fruit in one’s life.

And  to end this note, here’s one of my favorite youtube singer, GABE!

Get into his thoughts at gabebondoc.tumblr.com.


For J.A.: A special thank you to you for showing what real beauty is… 🙂

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