Right, Left – Up, Down?

I consider making decisions, especially major ones, one of the most difficult and strenuous things to do. It can drain your energy without doing any physical exercises. Plus, it could wear out your mental capacity to the max. Why do I have to talk about making decisions right now? It can be considered an overrated topic. But you see, human beings are not aware that they are already making a decision from the moment they open up their eyes in the morning. How could waking up in the morning be relevant to decision-making? Well, if you chose to wake up, you’re already deciding that you don’t want to stay in bed, some choose the other way around. I’ve been pondering on some thoughts about this since my younger sister asked for my help in editing her speech some weeks ago. Guess what her speech was about? If you still haven’t got a clue, here’s some hint, DECISION-MAKING. Now do you get it? Surprisingly, I’ve been put in a situation where the decision I have to make is very crucial. But no worries, God would surely lead me to the right one as long as I know how to listen.

Making decisions is something we have to deal with daily, but we are unaware of the fact that our choices is a reflection of our character. What we are mirrors what we do. So here’s my final say on decision-making:

—> Always choose the right one. What you think is best might not always be the right one. It can also be painful, but very rewarding in the end.

—> Don’t make decisions that you would later regret. Remember, consequences are always included and inevitable in your decision.


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