Right Kind of Perfect.

Today, weird enough for me, I’m in the type of mood to post about future love. My sister just showed me hours ago an interesting letter of a recently deceased young actor here in the Philippines – a letter to his future girlfriend that was featured in a teen magazine. Out of nowhere, I asked my sister if she had ever written to her future partner or God’s will as I call it. She answered no. So, I told her I’ve actually written one myself. She found it strange and unbelievable since she thinks it’s just not me to do something like that. I defended myself by saying it’s a normal thing to do (I hope) so I’m here to post my favorite pieces on future love I found on the web whether it be a song or a poem.

Ryan Conferido is one talented fellow. He’s more known as part of Quest Crew, America’ s Best Dance Crew Season 3 champion. But it’s not his dancing I admire most, it’s his writing – his intellectual, yet soulful literary pieces that capture his heartaches, joys, and hopes. Here’s one of my favorite Ryan-original on future love.

From: ryanimay.xanga.com

Written in dedication to my one true love ..
who still has yet to exist in my life .
But is very much alive in my own imagination

This is for you . 

I believe that there exists 
A road for you and I
And if we dare, let’s travel there
Before our spirits die .

I need to ask a question first
Because I wonder where
You’d like for me to walk once we
Start walking over there .

At first I could stay far behind
And trail from miles away 
I’ll keep away the pain that hopes
To follow you someday .

I will make sure the sun will set
With every day we use  
Retrieving all of what you dropped
But didn’t mean to lose .

I’ll safe-keep all your memories
And let you walk along 
Protecting you from harm and staying
Here where I belong .

Behind your steps my only fear
Is you won’t be aware 
That soon you may forget that I
Will still be walking there .

The path could soon be done and yet
I still proceed to yearn
For you to see me all this time
But you might never turn .

Because of what you find up front
You might not need to see
All of which is put aside 
And done including me .

Maybe then we could begin
With me ahead of you 
I’ll clear the way of obstacles
and complications too .

I’ll make sure your path is clean
And beautiful to walk 
Paving roads of polished gold
And building walls of rock .

To keep you safe from all the fear
And worry in your mind
I’ll fight the battles far ahead
While you relax behind .

To lead this way I must admit
You’ll stare upon these floors .
And realize that this path you walk
Is never truly yours .

I cannot lead you on a road
Directing life to me 
And keep you from experiencing
What is yours to see .

And what will come to be
Once the path begins to close
And you have never seen
What everyone else knows ?

You’ll end in agony
With wonder as your thirst 
I’ll be the one to blame
For finishing it first .

And there I’ll have to wait
Along the ending road
For you to soon catch up
And see my heavy load .

But if you never come
I never want to cast
My cares away and look
For you inside the past .

I cannot turn around
Against this one-way trail
By doing so I only show
My every try will fail .

So here we are back at the start
And still I must defend
The truth of how we truly want
Our journey here to end .

Take my hand and take a step
And let’s enjoy this ride . 
We’ll take a road that’s wide enough
For walking side by side .

We must make sure to not let go
Or fall behind or lead
For if I’m here and you are near
What else have I to need ?

Endure the rain and bear the pain
Together every day
As long as we will still remain
The rest will go away .

Firm your grip onto my hand
So I can help you climb
And if your back grows very tired
I’ll carry you on mine .

No matter what the path may hold
I’ll be with you right here
And if you know I’ll stay with you
There’s nothing left to fear .

Through every moment shared
I will never miss a smile 
I’d only try to keep it there
And stare at it awhile .

Because you’re walking closely 
You will be so hard to miss
In cases where I’ll be so bold
To try and sneak a kiss .

I will never let you be 
Against your will, commanded
I’ll never leave your side or let
Your hand be empty-handed .

Walk along and journey on
And with the end in sight
You’ll know the only place where I can be
Is left or right .

And as this path comes to a close
I know that we’ll be glad
We chose to walk the way we did
And live the life we had .

The road is done and you ask me
Where I will go from here 
Yet still the only place for me
Is next to you my dear .

With Everlasting Sincererity,


Here’s another one. Still a Ryan-original.

From: http://www.myspace.com/ryanimay/blog

This is a letter to my destiny .  Towards which I plan to cultivate my path .

Think of it as ‘writing letters through time’.  Heh .
In the future, I hope to have many of these to give to her .

Whoever she is .
Maybe she could be reading it right now .  =)

I wonder where you are .
And what you’ve written so far .
Your life story is an enchantment to me 
In knowing I will someday be part of it .

You don’t know who I am .  Or where I am .
It could be a long time before you find out .
These city lights may never shine your way .
Your symphony might lay unwritten; and your song left silent .
But I will be a blessed man to earn the honor of making you smile .

I’ll live for you before you know it .
The sun won’t ever set on my virtue .
All I have is enough time to improve myself 
And ultimately rival the horizon of your elegance .

These days will inevitably become the past .
And we’ll sit and talk about them sometime .
By then, any memories of days when you felt lonely will disperse .
Because you’ll know even then, I was out here .
Working hard to somehow .  someday .  gain the unfailing ability 
To promise you happiness before you know it .

You’ll be a part of my life before you realize I’m even living .
I have faith that you exist .  You’re here in my reality somewhere .  
And I know I won’t be imagining you forever .
You’re going to be wonderful .
So I need to be that, too .  

I can’t paint your picture .  Or assemble your image .
Your existence shatters the capacity of my expectations
And I couldn’t even compose a fiction beyond your marvel
If I had an infinite power of boundless exaggeration .

You’re going to change what I believe in life and love .
And what I believe I love about life .
Regardless of how I prepare, I don’t think I’ll ever truly be ready 
For that first moment your eyes strike me frozen .
Truly, that will be both the defeat and victory of my spirit .

I’ll have to find a thousand new ways to express myself .
You’ll have me frequently distracted, disoriented, and speechless .
But never regretful to find myself that way .

I used to think that I’d be able to write the most captivating poem 
About you .  After I know you better .

However, once I finally meet you, I doubt I’ll write anything .
Because everything about you, will be beautifully unexplainable .

So I’m going to spend my time writing for you now .
Until these words grow to fail in value .
At the mercy of your truth .

. ryan conferido

Finally, a song from David Archuleta! YAY!

It’s true writing about this type of things may be absurd for some. But to me, I think it helps me see the value of waiting for the right one. And it clears my perspective that relationships are not just about romanticism, but finding the God-given person that will be the right partner in achieving my life’s destiny.

Rather than jumping quickly in wrong relationships, I’d recommend you just pour out your heart in a love letter to your future love while you’re waiting. Don’t sweat, God will give him/her to you at the right time when you’re doing the right thing at the right place. It’ll be the perfect love story. God knows the right kind of perfect for us.

The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” – Genesis 2:18


6 thoughts on “Right Kind of Perfect.

  1. sabi sa bible, “delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”.

    ang sabi sa mga commentaries, hindi naman daw talaga actually ibinibigay ng Panginoon kung anuman o sinuman ang gusto natin (syempre, kung tayo ang masusunod, mas gusto natin yung gwapo o maganda).

    kapag daw nag “delight” tayo sa presensiya ng Panginoon, binabago Niya at hinuhubog Niya ang puso at isip natin para matutunan nating mahalin at i- desire kung sinuman ang taong itinalaga Niya para sa atin.

    🙂 nice post, sam.

  2. Nice post Sam. Sabi ko sayo binibisita ko ang blog mo. hihi. keep it up.

    @ Kuya Joy: Pwede din pong if we delight ourself to the Lord He will give us the “right desire”, hehe. dba mas okie un? pag tama ung desire mo tama din ung matatanggap mo.

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