“His and Her Story” (A Picture Romance Short From the Web)

Found something cute and sweet, but a tad bit sad, on the web, I just had to save the images and post it on here. ❤


4 thoughts on ““His and Her Story” (A Picture Romance Short From the Web)

  1. possible naman that they’d finally be together, but somebody has to take the first step 🙂

    cute, nice story. i shared it with my officemate who’s into “reading”

  2. The story you posted probably happens to billions of people from the beginning of time to eternity. Happens every day. Even married people go through this. But of course no one will admit it. For me it is both cute and horrible at the same time.
    Something so simple has become almost impossible – honesty.

    side note: I ran across your page while playing an adventure
    game (good thing you left a signature). GREAT WALKTHRU – I needed it.

    But there was something peculiar – I cant put my finger on it. I went to your website. Really smooth writing style. I think most of us are too busy to acknowledge talent. Tragedy of our times. You may have a type of talent that is very hard to define. I dont know.

    Hope things go well for you. If Im successful with my own efforts, Ill
    send you a boat load of backlinks (may take a couple of months) – cheers

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