“His and Her Story” (A Picture Romance Short From the Web)

Found something cute and sweet, but a tad bit sad, on the web, I just had to save the images and post it on here. ❤


Thinking About You

I’ve been waiting for this cover. :”) And it’s played on ukulele. Now, that’s just… cool.


Frank Ocean’s Thinking About You Cover by Gabe Bondoc


Now I know, you’re it! <3

What’s a much better way to spend your afternoons? Chill and have some dose of Gabe Bondoc’s soothing voice.


“Love doesn’t have to change with age.

Peace, love and lol.” – Gabe


“… now I know why everything that I tried fell to the floor because you were in store…”

God bless! ❤


Good news! I’m now on Formspring! Now, you can ask me questions and know more about yours truly. If you also have a formspring account, just post your account in the comment box below, so I can, in turn, also ask you questions. 🙂

I would really appreciate to get some feedback from all of you!

God bless!

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