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As a new year kicks in, I’m aiming to start anew. I’m pressing the imagined “refresh” button in the pursuit of my dreams. I’ve encountered a handful of what-I-want-to-be’s in the past years, and gratefully, I’ve also been blessed with opportunities to try them. I’ve gone to painting classes, photography classes, dance classes, and a whole lot of other things. Who would’ve thought that a person like me was able to learn basic breakdancing and acting. A nugget of wisdom from me to you – make it a goal not to miss out on whatever opportunity life throws at you. Don’t be scared to try your hand on new and unexpected things because you’ll never know when it’s time to finally say au revoi

Isn’t it amusing that sometimes, or most of the time, inspiration can come from assumed ordinary things and people? This 2012 I’ve been inspired to look further inside me and see what I’m still capable of. I recently saw this video of a certain someone I’ve had seen participating in a recent Bboy battle at the Mall of Asia. The event was a great ride back to memory lane to the time where a I was still 17, just learning the basics of breakdance, and how I deeply fell in admiration for this genre of dance. There I was sitting, along with the giddy spectators, awe-struck in every possible way at the sight of bboys, bgirls, and freestylers coming together in one place just to do what they love most – expressing who they are through dance.

Before the event began, I spotted a familiar face from afar. As I drew near, I was totally surprised to see my former breakdance teacher, Jmasta. I haven’t seen him for like, 4-5 years! My companion and I had a short chat with him. It was nice seeing him doing ¬†good and happy, now that he has a beautiful wife and a charming baby. Time really flew by fast. Considered by many as the godfather of bboys here in the Philippines, it wasn’t surprising to know that he was one of the judges in the event. So where was I? Oh. Yeah. Let’s go back to the certain someone I was talking about, I’ve recently learned he was not just a bboy, but also a filmmaker. I searched him online and found a few of his original short films – fiction and documentary. This video I’m about to show you was the one that struck me the most.

The Anonymous from Paolo Bitanga on Vimeo.

I’m glad I was able to watch this one as it inspired me to try my hands on filmmaking. I may not be technically adept, but I’m willing to learn. I want to close with a message of gratitude to ordinary people and ordinary things for the extraordinary impact you can give to a life of a stranger. That’s it. I’m out.


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