by: Mizepifany


Let his legs give out from running

Before weakness comes and he compromises.

It’s time to lay his head to rest

Before the sun sinks and the moon rises.

 Relieve the soreness from his heart

Before it is consumed by hate and despises.

The shepherd boy’s cries echo in the night

Sorrowful and mournful, yet still hope arises.

But he is, at once, put at  peace

Hearing his Father’s sweet-sounding lullabies.



“Turn Around”

“Turn Around”

by: Mizepifany


Sending an invitation to danger

While walking down on two roads

Each step rips the soul apart

Losing identity as  the man broods

Confusion will arise

As to which path to settle on

Then being at a loss

For there’s no certain destination

With danger lurking around the corner

Seizing open cracks at a whim

Better to turn around now than later

Don’t wait for the lights to dim

Forever you will wander

Eternal searching of what could never be found

Forever darkness lays before you

Eternal death in which you are bound

Turn around now than later

Still the guiding Light calls and cries

Don’t wait until the lights go dim

Ponder these things and be wise




by: Mizepifany


More seasons passed.

More time elapsed.

How long should I be waiting?

It got me thinking.

Will I ever be there?

Will I ever arrive?

I desire to conquer And not just to survive.

But You know I’ll still be waiting.

‘Cause I believe I’m next in line.

Yes, I’ll never get tired of waiting.

In time, I’ll be given what’s rightfully mine.




 by: Mizepifany


Stop! Fall to the ground.

You’re already found out.

Stand up! Check everything’s  swell.

Yeah, all is well that ends well.

But, you think nothing’s gonna harm you?

Well, it’s your mind plays controlling you.

Better watch out and think hard.

Before you fall back again to the ground.

Realize all is misplaced and lost.

Nothing more you can boast.


24 Past 7

“Twenty-four Past Seven”

by: Mizepifany


With the strike of the hand, reveals 24 past 7,

Awakens a passionate soul beneath a calm and peaceful mien.

Though the heart screams and cries in all boldness,

But in cowardice, the lips dare not speak.

Travelling through thoughtless wonder, hope lights up a dream,

In the hands of courage, the heart and lips will someday meet.

Now the hand strikes unnoticed,  renders 42 past 7,

the revived soul gives in to the promise of Heaven.


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